SP20 GNSS Handheld


Building on a long line of best-in-class mobile mapping tools the Spectra SP20 delivers scalable accuracy, from sub-meter WAAS corrected mapping accuracy to sub-centimeter survey accuracy.

The SP20 is multi-frequency (L1,L2,L2C), multi-constellation (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+BeiDou+QZSS), has a built-in L-Band RTX Compatible receiver and supports both RTK and post-processed work flows.

Supporting ESRI'sTM 'Collector' workflows, Spectra Precision's intuitive Mobile Mapper Field application and nearly all Android applications including Google Mobile Services the SP20 is the ideal collection platform for all mapping, collection, inspection and survey requirements.

The SP20 is the modern, high-accuracy, saleable, field-ready device you have been waiting for:


  • Legendary Spectra Precision WAAS Accuracy

  • SBAS Ranging in RTK and post-processed solutions

  • L-Band Centerpoint RTX Support (subscription based)

  • Four accuracy levels (firmware enabled): Meter, 30 CM, 7 x 2 DM, CM

  • Fast Quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor

  • Android 6.0 (Google Certified) OS

  • 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Storage + expandable up to 64 GB uSDHC

  • Cellular Modem

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode, USB, NFC

  • 13 M pixel rear camera, 2 M pixel front camera

  • Huge 6,400 mAH removable battery for all-day use

[ Additional Details on SP20 Accuracy ]
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Hardware Purchase Options


The SP20 can be initially purchased in 4 accuracy ranges. Better accuracy can be added at any time for the same price as purchasing a device complete. (In other words: there is no penalty for purchasing accuracy after the initial hardware purchase.)

Better accuracy can be added to a device permanently or on a monthly basis. This allows you to purchase a meter accuracy device, then add centimeter survey accuracy for a month or two on a as needed basis.

114819-00 SP20 1-meter accuracy $3,495
114819-01 SP20 sub-meter (30cm/30cm)
(internet RTK correction source needed)
114819-02 SP20 dm (7cm/2cm)
(internet RTK correction source needed)
114819-03 SP20 cm (0.01 m)
(internet RTK correction source needed)

So, you can purchase the SP20 meter accuracy device for $3,495, use it for a while and then choose to upgrade the accuracy with no price penalty[details here]:

115874-01 Option sub-meter (30/30) for SP20
  (internet RTK correction source needed)
115875-01 Option dm (7/2) for SP20
  (internet RTK correction source needed)
115876-01 Option cm for SP20
  (internet RTK correction source needed)

If you are only using SBAS (WAAS) or RTX corrections, you do not need to purchase additional accuracy. The 'SP20 1-meter' peformance is not dithered for SBAS or RTX.

Better accuracy is enabled by using a POPN code which you enter into the receiver. The installation process binds the POPN code to the specific  receiver so that it can not be reused on another device, however the code can be reused if a full device reset is performed on the original hardware.

Please call iGage for quotation on package deals.

SP20 devices are currently available from stock (1 Nov 2018).

The SP20 is warranted for 2-years. Additional factory warranty coverage can be purchased in 1-year increments at very reasonable cost to secure the true annual cost of ownership.


EWSPN-GNSS3 Hardware-Spectra GNSS Receiver SP20 $359
EWSPN-GNSS3-RNST Hardware-Spectra GNSS Receiver SP20 Reinstatement $539


Software Options for the SP20


Seemingly Infinite Software Tools

Any Android software tool that uses the built-in GPS receiver (location services) will automatically get full SP20 accuracy measurements.

All Google Play Store applications  like these:

ESRI's Collector, Survey123, Mapit GIS, Map Pad GPS, SW Maps, iForm Builder, Avenza, TerraGo, CyberTracker, XYZ Works, Fulcrum, Tree Survey, PocketSurvey and even Google Maps

will work without modification or special drivers and they will immediately enjoy full RTK centimeter level network accuracy and repeatability (assuming you have the CM version of the SP20 connected to a network correction source.)

Spectra GIS MobileMapper Field

Spectra also has the 'MobileMapper Field' (MMF) application available for simple GIS data collection. MMF is easy to deploy and use and has a large existing following from the MobileMapper 6, 10, 20, 100 and 120 devices. MMF supports post-processing and precision post-processing down to 1-cm accuracy.

107892-01 MobileMapper Field Android Software $495
680547-51 Post processing option for MobileMapper Field $495
116128-01 MobileMapper Office cm post-processing option $895

Spectra Survey Mobile

Spectra's Survey Mobile for Android software is a fantastic choice for survey applications. It currently supports all survey workflows.

[ Survey Mobile Datasheet ]

Survey Mobile is easy to use, easy to learn and easy to deploy for non-technical operators.

You can install and evaluate the demo version of Survey Mobile on any Android platform using the APK file available from the Spectra website.

Best of all, Survey Mobile is very reasonably priced:

108923-01 Spectra Precision Survey Mobile Software $895


Hardware Accessories for the SP20

Each SP20 includes a small adapter to allow standard 5/8" 11 TPI survey accessories to be used to mount the receiver with the internal antenna centered.

In addition these hardware accessories are available:

96772 Spectra Precision carbon fiber Monopole $230
88400-01-SPN SP20 pouch (included with receiver) $35
114823 SP20 pole bracket $150
116795 SP20 External antenna cable SP $85
115457-50 SP20 Monopole adaptor (included with receiver) $20
114821 SP20 Handstrap (included with receiver) $20
135000-00 Antenna - GNSS, Spectra Precision SPGA Rover $2295
A220GR L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS External Antenna $1000

Please call iGage for quotation on package deals.

Understanding SP20 Accuracy

The SP20's internal GNSS engine and antenna fully support these constellations:

240 GNSS channels
GPS L1, L2 (L1 C/A, L1P, L2P/ L2C
BeiDou B1 (phase 2 and phase 3), B2 (phase 2)
Galileo E1, E5b
L-Band: 2 channels

with industry leading Z-Blade tracking and processing technology. (Note: the SP20 does not track L5.)

[ Additional Details on SP20 Accuracy ]

The SP20 supports several real-time and post-processed correction schema:

SBAS (WAAS in the United States): Real-time results in the USA to 1/4 meter accuracy (IGS08 Framed).

DGPS: Real-time accuracy base on external correction source, slightly better than WAAS in the USA.

CenterPoint (Trimble) RTX: 4 cm horizontal, 9 cm vertical with less than 30-minute convergence. RTX is available on a subscription basis for $1,995 per year.

RTK with network based correction server: 10 mm + 1 ppm. Baselines up to 25 miles.

Post-Processed Static: 3 mm + 0.1 ppm

Post-Processed results are currently only available when using MobileMapper Field or Survey Mobile.

This achievable accuracy is degraded based on the accuracy option that is enabled on the receiver.

Additional Information

[ SP20 Brochure ]

[ SP20 User Guide ]
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