EXIF Headers on SP20 Images

The RTK position is provided to all Android services, so even the camera application gets the high accuracy position.

For example: the SP20 and is connected to a network correction source and the receiver is Fixed, we take a picture like this one:

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the .JPG picture that is generated also includes EXIF header information:

Converting the EXIF GPS information from DMS to Utah Central US Survey Feet:

40 44 10.26090 n 111 51 34.1614 w -->>  7437108.7592 SFt N 1540788.9889 SFt E UTC

The coordinates of the bolt in the rock are:

iG8 7437108.7265 N 1540788.6919 E 4279.2992 Ellipsoid Feet (1304.333m)

The small error in position is due my just getting close to the bolt for the picture. The elevation difference (1304.653 - 1304.333 = 1.05') is the distance above the rock that I held the receiver.


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