SP20 FAQ List

1. If I am only going to use WAAS corrections but I want 30 cm accuracy should I purchase the 30 cm option? No, the accuracy options only enhance RTK (where you are connected to a remote base) operation. SBAS/WAAS performance is maximized in the basic product.

2. I purchased an SP20, but the battery life is not as expected. The initial release of product included 1/2 sized batteries. We expect to get full sized batteries mid to late November and will automatically send you the updated cells at no additional charge.

3. Will the SP20 generate RINEX data? Yes it is possible to record static data from the 'Survey Mobile; and 'Mobile Mapper Field' applications. The G-Files can be converted to RINEX using the standard Spectra RINEX convertor.

4. Has the SP20 antenna been calibrated by NGS? Yes, the antenna is currently (November 2018) being calibrated and will be available for OPUS solutions.

5. How expensive is a RTX subscription? $2,000 per year. Purchased online through the Trimble portal.

6. Is it possible to use an external antenna with the SP20? Yes, the connector and cable are identical to the cable used on the MobileMapper 120. You will want to use a full GNSS antenna.

7. How does the SIM card fit into the receiver? Insert the uSD card first, then insert the full sized SIM card on top of the uSD:

8. Will the SP20 work as a phone? Yes, the lower part is an Android phone and yes you will look like an idiot using it as a phone, but the speaker phone is excellent:

9. Can you redirect NMEA from the SP20 via Bluetooth to an external device? Yes, there are probably several ways to do this, we use the 'Bluetooth GPS Output Paid' application ($0.99) which can be found on the 'Play Store'.

10. Are hardware rentals available? Currently not from iGage. Call us if you have a specific need.

11. Is 'Survey Mobile' or 'MobileMapper Field' transferable between devices? No.

12. What version of Android is the SP20? 6.0.1

13. Is the camera any good? Yes. Here are some sample pictures (click for full resolution) from around our office:

14: Is L5 tracked? GPS L5 is not tracked. The tracking is the same as the SP60.

15: Does the internal camera include the GPS position in the EXIF metadata? Yes, check out this [ example ].


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